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This will be an awsome tax write off. I so need help and I know I will receive it from

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always thankful2014   in reply to missjanie
I'm on it lol. I do understand. I myself can help others on this site as well. I'm always helping and will never stop. I need help myself. But finding it very hard. But I an blessed and I know God will pull me through. I'm going to start my own non profit organization soon.
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missjanie   in reply to Poppyday13
i dont
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missjanie   in reply to always thankful2014
i understand, however most of us on this site came here needing help as some of us struggle just to eat daily. what we have here is a site where we come togeather to help people with any information we might know of that could lead one to help. Thats why i suggested you go to There are many organizations that help with different needs. I understand you dont get welfare,but you can still find help if you try going there.
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Poppyday13   in reply to always thankful2014
I wonder if anybody on here earns enough to pay tax ??
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always thankful2014   in reply to missjanie
I don't need a large sum of money. Just a little help to catch up. And if anyone does help it could be a tax write off even if it was $10. That's the way people with large sums of money do. The write it off to pay less taxes.
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Sorry i havent seen anybody giving away large sums of money on here
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